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Watch Dr Susan Lechelt, Dr Inge Panneels, Rebecca Kaye (ploterre) and Martin Disley from Creative Informatics, Edinburgh, present their practice and research.

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Susan Lechelt


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Inge Panneels


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There Be Dragons:

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Panneels, I. (2023) ‘The Quintuple Bottom Line: A Framework for Place-Based Sustainable Enterprise in the Craft Industry’, Special Issue: The Creative and Cultural Industries towards Sustainability and Recovery. Sustainability, Sustainability 15, no. 4: 3791.


Rebecca Kaye

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Martin Disley


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Not I: The Voice, Identity and the Epistemic Mirage of Machine Learning:

the dataset is not the map is not the territory:


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Data Matters: storytelling with technologies. Martin Disley, Rebecca Kaye, Inge Panneels, Susan Lechelt