AREVA 3. The third programme in the Anti-Racist & Equitable Visual Arts (AREVA) series

\ Equality

We are pleased to share AREVA 3, a programme co-produced by CVAN members and Dr Jack Ky Tan, author of the AREVA report.

The AREVA project was initiated following increasing reports and whistleblowing of racist incidents experienced by artists and cultural workers in the sector, and the desire expressed by CVAN’s members to create a meaningful, proactive response to bring about change.

The project began with a set of knowledge exchanges between CVAN members led by Jack in June-July 2022, leading to the publication of the AREVA Report, in January 2023.

Following this, CVAN members participated in a workshop to prioritise issues and co-produce a plan of activity. From this, Jack designed the AREVA 3 programme, see infographics.


  1. Build coalition, friendship and mutual in the sector.
  2. Create governance models that systematically perform anti-racism.
  3. Develop trauma-informed and transformative justice practices.
  4. Explore ways of working that centre intersectionalities of lived experience.
  5. Reform funding approaches so as to develop an anti-racist ecosystem in the sector.

The programme will be delivered by Jack with CVAN London members. Join us in Autumn 2023.

Dr Jack Ky Tan trained in law, Jack also studied ceramics and has a PhD in performance and legal aesthetics.