The Resilience of London’s Cultural Sector to Climate Change.

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We were delighted to be joined by colleagues from the GLA and Buro Happold in a discussion on their live project exploring the Resilience of London’s Cultural Sector to Climate Change

Ben Richardson, Director, Buro Happold, and Amanda Decker, Senior Programme Manager, Creative Enterprise Zones, GLA,  shared an introduction to what they are doing and where they are up to in this collaborative research project with Arts Council England. They provided an overview of the project, which cultural organisations are involved from across the creative sectors and introduced their methodology. This was followed by questions from network members that included queries on EPC ratings and retrofitting. and next steps. 

This was followed by a discussion on organisational approaches and actions already in motion. There was collective interest in mitigating against the impacts of climate change in various scenarios such as: art materials and studio practice; exhibiting/storing /transporting art, and challenges to building infrastructure.

Members were interested to hear about the results of the projects and these will be shared in an autumn meeting. 

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