Metroland Cultures

Metroland Cultures is an arts charity that works in, and for, the London Borough of Brent. Their mission is to build, share and support art and culture in Brent by supporting communities to amplify stories of Brent life, and working with artists to tell new stories. Metroland Cultures works to develop the creative ecology of Brent through programmes for artists and young people, community commissions, and the Brent Biennial visual arts festival. Holding a deep commitment to its audiences, Metroland Cultures listens to the people it works with and leaders in the community. One way they do this is through Community Commissions. Each Community Commission holds a deep commitment to its audience, starting off as a series of workshops with local residents. These help identify how artists can work alongside staff and community members to address an important desire within their work and lives. The projects are community-led, meaning the communities write the briefs and select the artists themselves.

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