Sanaz Amidi

Cultural Leadership | Executive Coach | Creative Producer | NED

What attracted you to join the CVAN London Steering Group, and how long have you been a member?

I became involved with CVAN London in 2020, representing the east London visual arts organisation, Rosetta Arts, during my tenure as Chief Executive. Following my departure from that role in 2023, I was graciously invited back to CVAN as a Special Advisor.

What draws me to CVAN London is its commitment to being a free-to-access research-led network that provides sector support and advocacy for a diverse range of stakeholders including artists, arts professionals, art galleries, arts organisations, studios, and art schools throughout London.

What are your goals for the London network?

To be a strong joined up voice for the visual arts sector in London and protecting the rights of artists

How does your experience feed into the Steering Group, and vice versa?

By bringing a proven track record of facilitating transformational change, I have operated extensively across various industry sectors, spanning both public and private domains. A notable aspect of my work involves engaging with disadvantaged communities and artists and leveraging the arts as catalysts for positive societal change. This expertise allows me to offer invaluable insights and strategies for advancing CVAN London's mission and objectives, particularly in fostering inclusivity and driving meaningful impact within diverse communities across London and for the benefit of the London visual arts sector.

What inspires you?

Doing the right thing and doing things better

What three words describe CVAN London?


Sanaz Amidi Portrait Photograph
Sanaz Amidi