Data Matters: The Art of Data

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15th July, 4.00-5.00pm BST (online)

Data Matters is a new series that responds to the visual arts sector’ ambitions to explore the opportunity of arts and technologies; to think differently about data and the digital and tell better stories with our data.

These key discussions extend research and practice-led developments beyond the gallery and research spaces and share knowledge across the visual arts network and to the wider arts and technologies community.

As the visual arts and the wider creative industries face increased demands for data collection, audience validation and diminished funding, there are critical questions to be asked.

This panel discussion draws upon different research perspectives from across science, engineering and design to consider the Art of Data

Guest speakers Ali Hossaini, Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London; Sara Adhitya, Senior Research Fellow & Arts-Sciences Programme Director, UCL PEARL, and Nick Tyler, CBE, Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering, Director, UCL PEARL, bring expertise at the cutting edge of arts and technology to discuss ways of working with the data we collect, what you use data for and what data matters. 

Free to attend, registration is essential.

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Data Matters